Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

We specialise in the boutique manufacture of high quality journals and paper goods, offering the best choice in Europe.

covers binding pages - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Covers, Binding & Basics

All the options you’d need to make the perfect product suitable for work, home or retail.

pages and printing - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Pages & Printing

Information on pagination, papers, layouts and printing choice, we’ll guide you through CMYK and Pantones to get the effect you require.

the extras - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

The Extras

Little finishing touches that make the most of your printed product, from pockets to pen holders and last minute branding opportunities.

Covers, Binding & Basics

Hard, soft, flexible… how we build your book depends on the final style you want. Different binding techniques create different results, and there are thousands of materials to finish it off.

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notebooks diaries planners covers2 - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners
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Cover Materials


Notebooks Diaries Planners leather 2 - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Real Leather
We use fine book-binding leathers as well as more rustic leathers to make unique products.

Notebooks Diaries Planners bonded leather - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Bonded Leather
Also known as recycled leather, the finished products is a smooth, flexible material that lends itself to debossing with various patterns or textures.

Notebooks Diaries Planners faux leather - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Faux Leather
Designed to look and feel like leather. Often finished with a soft touch and available in different grains.

Eco Covers

Notebooks Diaries Planners ecoleather - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Eco Leathers
These materials have been made from vegetative waste rather than oil plastic or real leather off-cuts.

Notebooks Diaries Planners cork - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

It is what it is – a fast-growing eco-friendly biodegradable material that lends itself well to cover materials.

Notebooks Diaries Planners cloth - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Available in different strengths from Buckram to linen, cloth harks back to traditional bookbinding.


Notebooks Diaries Planners silktouch - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Silk Touch
This materials has a light grain to imitate a smooth leather surface and a silky feel akin to faux leather.

Notebooks Diaries Planners digital - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Digital & Litho Print
We use a soft touch laminate that feels luxury at a very good price. The best option for bright imagery.

Notebooks Diaries Planners die cut - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Die Cut Card
Best used on perfect-bound books or those with wire/spiral spines, punching a hole in the cover can reveal a little of what’s inside.

Binding Styles

Binding styles hardcover - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Hard Cover

The classic style of notebook, with a hard case that protects the edges of the notebook.

Binding styles semi flex - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Semi Flex

Semi Flex notebooks have a thin board cover; resulting in a firm yet flexible style of notebook.

Binding styles halfbound - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners


A half-bound book separates the spine from the cover with a contrasting material.

Binding styles saddle stitched - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Saddle stitched

A simple but effective way of binding using metal staples, we can bind either card or faux leather.

Binding styles singer sewn - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Singer sewn

A simple Cahier or exercise book, with exposed thread along the spine. Multiple colours of thread are available.

Binding styles softcover - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners


Softbound books can come in either faux or real leather, they can have a clean cut edge or a slight lip.

Binding styles ringbound - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners


Spiral and ring-bound books are ideal for sketching and note taking and allow for the removal of pages.

Binding styles volant - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners


A slim notebook with a false cover, comprising a sheet of material that tightly encloses the sewn pages inside.

Binding styles wrap around - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners


If you’re looking for a traditional Italian style, a luxurious wrap-around journal is for you.

Cover Customisations

Notebooks Diaries Planners foiling 1 - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners


Notebooks Diaries Planners debossing 1 - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners


Notebooks Diaries Planners UV - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

UV Printing

Notebooks Diaries Planners screen - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Screen Printing

Notebooks Diaries Planners digital2 - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Digital Printing

Notebooks Diaries Planners monogram - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners


Notebooks Diaries Planners die cut 1 - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Die Cut

Inside Pages And Printing

We can print in up to 8 colours including spot colours and Pantones. Photos, graphics, drawings, words, lines and almost anything else in-between.

Printed Pages

State-of-the-art lithographic presses for long-run printing, HP Indigo technology for variable data and digital toner presses for short-runs… we use them all.

Notebooks Diaries Planners planners - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners


Notebooks Diaries Planners diaries - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners


Notebooks Diaries Planners full colour - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Full Colour

Notebooks Diaries Planners mindfulness - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners


Notebooks Diaries Planners illustrated - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Illustrations & Imagery

Notebooks Diaries Planners premium - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

FSC papers such as Munken create a journal perfect for fountain pens and calligraphy.

Notebooks Diaries Planners recycled - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Different percentages of recycled paper mean that you can still have a premium paper with all the eco-credentials.

Paper Types

Here is a selection of the different paper options available to you. Find inspiration online or send us a sample and we’ll endeavour to match.

Notebooks Diaries Planners image - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Image Print
We can recommend the best paper to get crisp bright photos and full block colour for coffee table books.

Notebooks Diaries Planners transparent - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Add a bit of mystery to your book by including transparent paper between chapters.

Notebooks Diaries Planners stone paper - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Water-resistant paper with calcium content suitable for industrial uses, especially in the health sector.

notebooks diaries planners specially sourced - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Specially Sourced
If there’s a special paper you require we have swatches from all the major paper mills who distribute within Europe and globally.

Notebooks Diaries Planners archival - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

If you want your written or printed content to last a long time we can provide papers with a balanced PH.

Paper Extras

We have a range of different additions that most publishers can’t provide.

Notebooks Diaries Planners tabs - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Save your place within the book and colour code your findings, perfect in academia or the working world.

Notebooks Diaries Planners indexing - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Jump to where you need to be with tabs cut out from the side of your page.

Notebooks Diaries Planners perforation - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Tear out pages, provide discounts and deals or coupons or simply allow people to tear off the corner to know what day it is in a diary.

Notebooks Diaries Planners QR 2 - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Variable Data & QR Codes
Link to anywhere online through the use of QR codes or personalise each product with a unique code and name throughout.

Notebooks Diaries Planners foldout 1 - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Concertina pages can hide within the book ready to be folded out… perfect for maps or extra long imagery such as art.

Notebooks Diaries Planners scratch - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Scratch Sections
Not only can you uncover secret sections, you’re also able to include certain scents including strawberry and mint!

Notebooks Diaries Planners stickers - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Sticker Sheets
Perfect for children’s books or academic diaries, we can kiss-cut sheets of stickers allowing for easy-peeling.

Notebooks Diaries Planners magnet - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Keeping secrets in a diary? Magnetic closures keep a book shut and away from prying eyes.

Notebooks Diaries Planners booklet - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Additional materials often go inside back pockets to explain the brand, warranty or provide extra information.


Add components to your journals that enhance the practical nature of the product and improve the user-experience.

Finishing Touches

Making sure your notebook is aesthetically pleasing does not end with the pages in your book and the material on your cover.

Notebooks Diaries Planners pen loops - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Pen Loops
Add a pen holder to grip a pen on the outside of your planner.

Notebooks Diaries Planners elastic - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Keep your notes safe and the notebook shut with a choice of different elastics at various thicknesses.

Notebooks Diaries Planners french groove - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

French Groove
A special machine clamps the book just before the spine to add a crimped line, adding a traditional highlight to the edges.

Notebooks Diaries Planners enamel - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Enamel Pins
Produce a shiny logo on a metal pin that connects to your elastic and adds an extra bit of branding.

Notebooks Diaries Planners bookmark - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

We can manufacture a special bookmark to go along with your journals for any special branding opportunities you may have.

Notebooks Diaries Planners back pocket - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Back Pocket
Include a folded envelope style pocket in the back of the book to hold quality control stickers or company marketing materials.

Gilt Edging

There are no limits as to what you can do within a notebook. Every page can be custom printed to create a product that is completely unique

Notebooks Diaries Planners giltedge metallic - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Metallic Colours
Binding foils to the edge of books to provide the ultimate shine as the book block is opened.

Notebooks Diaries Planners giltedge pantone - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Pantone Colours
Whether through foils or painted edges, we can match Pantone colours to achieve the best effect possible.

Notebooks Diaries Planners giltedge printed 1 - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Print graphics onto the sides of your book with UV inks, whether they be photos, words or patterns.


Arguably the last thing you’ll think about but the first thing your customers or clients will see. Do something special with your packaging.

Notebooks Diaries Planners packaging belly band - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Belly Band
Made to your size specifications with print, foils and debossing available.

Notebooks Diaries Planners packaging premium shrink wrap - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

We use biodegradable shrink-wrap wherever we can to protect your products.

Notebooks Diaries Planners packaging premium notebook case - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Presentation Box
For premium products we recommend a paperboard box as impressive as the book itself.

Notebooks Diaries Planners packaging eco - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Eco Packaging (biodegradable)
Wherever we can we use recyclable and biodegradable materials, from papers to laminates to shrink-wrapping.

Notebooks Diaries Planners packaging notebook case - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Mailer Boxes
Designed to protect a box through the postal system it can be a work of art itself.

Notebooks Diaries Planners packaging notebook pen box - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Pen & Notebook Box
You can include other items within your box packaging to create a set with die-cut foam or card interiors.

Notebooks Diaries Planners packaging notebook wrap - Notebooks, Diaries & Planners

Mailer Wraps
We can provide flat-pack boxes for whenever you want to despatch a book without paying for a full set.

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