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Experts in shipping across the globe

We can get your products anywhere in the world with fast, safe and cost effective shipping solutions. We utilize our network of resources and shipping partners and offer time-saving support and ensure you get your product to where it needs to be.

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Bulk Sending

Whether your a multinational company requiring stationery to be sent in bulk to locations around the globe or a brand sending product to multiple 3PLs we can help.

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Import and Export

When it comes to getting your product across the border, Bookblock has you covered. Our team has extensive knowledge of import & export regulation. Getting larger volumes of product from point A to point B can be tricky, but we will support you through the process and do what we can to find a way around logistical road blocks and high tariffs.

Warehouse Your Inventory

If you need manufacture high volumes of product or packaging but don’t need it all at once, we can hold inventory at our UK or European warehouses. You can also sign up to our warehousing and fulfilment software to get live inventory updates and reordering tools.

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Air, Sea and Rail

We Send goods by air, sea or train, suggesting the best method of transport based on your needs.

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The most cost effective method. Perfect for large bulk sends. Delivery time ranges from 1-3 months.

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Fast but expensive. Ideal for low quantities, samples and urgent sends. Delivery ranges from 1-7 days.

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The most cost effective method. Perfect for large bulk sends. Delivery time ranges from 1-3 months.

Sending to Individuals

If you need to store and send gifts, packages or products to individuals globally our fulfilment software WorkSends has you covered

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Consumer Brands

We know how limiting 3rd Party Warehouses can be. If you have special product, samples, influencer and pr gifts or marketing packs to send out 3PLs can be a real pain to work with. So we’ve made it incredibly easy for our customers to create, store and send any packages they like. We even handle taking their details, so all you need to send them is a link.

Corporates & Enterprise

For businesses that need to send out onboarding gifts, membership packs, marketing bundles or stationery through out they year we not only store your product, we make it really easy to send them.

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Send your recipient a link

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They provide their details

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We send and track

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Every part of the journey is branded

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Warehouse Your Inventory

All products and gift can be held safely and securely in our UK or European warehouse. You can manage your stock through WorkSends with our live inventory management system and request reorders with just a few clicks.

Tracked All The Way

Everything we send is tracked, so you’ll always know where your products are. And through WorkSends you can check every single send with live updates.

We can also offer IOSS, paying duties and tax at the point of sending, so your recipient doesn’t receive any unwelcome invoices.

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