Marketing Fulfillment

Marketing Fulfillment

Design, create, store and send marketing packs, influencer gifts, limited edition product and much more. Bookblock gives your marketing team the power to do so much more.

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Create & Manufacture

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Bookblock can execute any brief and manufacture with low MOQs

Easy Warehousing

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You can store product made by us or send us your own inventory.

Send Anywhere

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Just send your recipient a link, we send globally & you can track all the way.

Marketing Fulfillment For Brands

Understand how you can utilise Bookblock and our marketing and fulfilment software to supercharge your growth

Add links to any outreach

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Brand every touchpoint

Influencer and PR Gifts

Create bespoke packaging, limited edition products or gift sets and warehouse them with us. Offer your product by just sharing a link. Your recipient provides their details and we do the rest.

You can brand the entire user journey to optimise the brand experience, with our easy to edit Action Pages.

Product Drops & Research

Allowing your customers and followers to input at product development stage is a brilliant way to build your community, increase customer loyalty and crowdsource ideas.

Develop prototypes with Bookblock. Then survey your audience, asking their opinions on your prototype, preferences on features and open ended questions to help inspire your product team.

Incentivise your community to fill out surveys with discounts on future product releases. Involving them has been proven to increase engagement, loyalty and revenue.

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Retail Bundles

Wholesaling product and want to get them in front of as many buyers as possible? We can bundle your product together in retail sample packs and create bespoke packaging to help amplify your brand message.

Send links to retailers and buyers so they can get samples with ease, and customise the entire user journey to help tell your story.

Direct To Consumer Samples

Design and execute sampling. Set campaigns for different goals including ad testing, product feedback, market research and marketing opt-ins.

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Choose the right activation channels for your campaign

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Design and brand the entire user journey

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Create and attach surveys to your campaigns

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Segment recipients and launch campaigns across social media, email and other channels in just a few clicks

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Gain insight through smart, accessible analytics

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Marketing Fulfillment For Business

Explore our range of marketing services and understand how Bookblock can support your business.

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Onboarding & Client Engagement

Create premium, custom made welcome packs for new clients and end whenever needed.

Make the most of high quality bespoke options, with low MOQs, to create a personalised introduction to your business that makes sure clients feel valued from day one.


people say receiving a ‘memorable’ gift strengthened their relationship with the business that sent it

Project Completions

Original gifts with a branded touch can go a long way to cement a positive impression with clients at the end of a project. Celebrate a shared success by sending a gift that’s personal.

Make your gifting more effective by allowing your recipient to choose via our ‘Choose Your Gift’ feature and add a personalised notecard to each send.

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Running events through the year? Create bespoke, branded gifts and packs, and warehouse with us through out the year. Then simply order your product to be delivered in bulk to your event. We can even personalise gifts for VIP clients, speakers or guests.

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Internal Meeting packs

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Product Launch gifts

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Conference packs and high value speaker gifts

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Workshop training packs

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