At Bookblock, sustainability is high on the agenda. Principles of reuse and recycle are interwoven into the creative production process to ensure that we give you not only great quality bespoke products, but also products that are ethically made.

Our Enviromental Promise

From FSC® recycled paper to specialist eco cover materials, we consider everything from air mile usage and unnecessary waste in our production stages. Although going full eco is a challenge, we are committed to doing our bit as much as we can.

European Manufacturing

As we own our factory in Europe we have control over all aspects of manufacture, meaning that we can reuse, recycle. Being based in Europe allows us to choose from the very best local suppliers. This helps reduce the impact of shipping raw materials long distances, wherever possible we ship materials from Europe by road from our suppliers and from our factory to your warehouse.

We are committed to providing a safe and supportive working environment to all our staff, we conform to all European working regulations and standards as well as ensuring machinery is regularly checked.

We operate an equal opportunity hiring policy to ensure we can have a positive impact on the local community. We offer training and education to our staff to allow them to progress within the company and their career.

As a company we are also enveloped in supporting local schools and charities providing exercise books and writing equipment to the local community.

We have a 40% females in the work place, hiring from ten nationalities, over 100 tonnes of paper recycled last year.

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Recyclable Packaging

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Sustainable Leather

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Recycled Plastic Notebooks

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Biodegradable Wraps


We have a wide array of eco-friendly materials that we can offer our customers, from recycled leathers to elastic and ribbons made from thread recycled from plastic bottles.

Our standard papers and boards are all FSC and Acid free. A large proportion are recycled and come from PCW. We do offer other papers which all come from sustainable North European forests if they are not recycled or woodfree. We can print our FSC logo within your notebook or packaging to ensure you clients and customers understand the full product chain.

We only print with low VOC inks and ensure all our materials and consumables are REACH compliant, all of cloths used are OEKO-TEK complaint if not covered by our directives or sustainability compliance guidelines. We use low environmental impact water based glues throughout production, if hot glue is required we use low VOC glues. Wherever possible we refuse to use PVC based products and materials.

All excess paper, board and rejected print is recycled locally. Wherever possible any other waste from production of goods and staff whilst on site is recycled through the local government services.

Wherever possible we use biodegradable laminates and shrink-wrap, preferring those films made from cellulose fibre over oil plastics.

Forest Stewardship Council

Our production facility is registered with the FSC, meaning that we have passed a number of tests and an inspection to prove that we take all of the FSC’s requirements into consideration in our sourcing and manufacturing procedures.

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We work with global couriers including DPD, FedEx, TNT and DHL, all of whom have policies to mitigate the negatives from global supply chains, including offering carbon neutral shipping. Our factory is within hours of port allowing us to sea freight bulk shipments where opportune, and can road freight in bulk into European locations using carbon reducing networks.

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Off The Shelf Eco Range

Beyond our eco credentials in bespoke manufacturing we ensure we have a great range of environmental friendly customizable off the shelf products.

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Bookblock Cork Cahier
Cork Cahiers are flexible journals with genuine cork cover.

sustainability eco2 - Sustainability

Bookblock Ocean
A clothbound notebook made of recycled plastic from the ocean and consumer waste.

sustainability eco3 - Sustainability

Monsieur Vegan Leather Notebook
A new eco-friendly version of a traditional Moleskine with a PVC-free cover material

sustainability eco4 - Sustainability

Monsieur Notebook Hard Leather
Monsieur Notebook is a hard cover journal made of bonded leather.

sustainability eco5 - Sustainability

Clicker Push Pen
This clicker push pen offers comfortable handling, made with carbon neutral materials.

sustainability eco6 - Sustainability

Bamboo Wood Ball Pen
These pens are made from 90% less plastic than the average bamboo pen.

sustainability eco7 - Sustainability

Custom Printed Corrugated Box
A printed corrugated box made with FSC certified paper, with an additional biodegradable laminate.

sustainability eco8 - Sustainability

Copper Stainless Steel Tumbler
A double walled copper vacuum insulated tumbler with an organic bamboo lid.

sustainability eco9 - Sustainability

Premium Cotton Tote Bag
A reusable cotton premium cotton tote bag with built in storage compartments.

Partners That Care

We source products and partner with brands that share our values.

sustainability partners1 - Sustainability

eCoffee Cup
Specialists in creating reusable Coffee Cups made from natural fibres. Modern design and sustainability at the heart of the brand.

sustainability partners2 - Sustainability

A respected and sustainable brand known for the real Swiss Army knife, Victorinox also produce travel gear and watches.

sustainability partners3 - Sustainability

Sustainable and modern design brand that creates microwave and dishwasher safe, airtight bento lunch boxes and more.

sustainability partners4 - Sustainability

Gingko design award-winning tech and home accessories that are modern and practical, with sustainability at their heart

sustainability partners5 - Sustainability

S’well is an Australian brand that create stylish on-the-go reusable water bottles, food, barware and accessories.

sustainability partners6 - Sustainability

Jungle Culture
They create high-quality, stylish & practical zero waste products. Jungle specialise in using bamboo and coconut materials.