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The Process

Introduction: Choosing the Right Service

At Bookblock, we offer a range of services to suit your specific needs, whether you require simple customizations, advanced bespoke options, or samples to review before placing a larger order. Choosing the right service is crucial to ensuring your satisfaction and meeting your project requirements. This guide will help you understand the options available and decide which service is best for you.

1. Ready To Brand Notebooks

If you need quick solutions without compromising quality, our ready-to-brand notebooks are ideal. We understand that some customers seek simplicity, speed, and flexibility. To accommodate these needs, we offer off-the-shelf notebooks—ready-made blank notebooks in various styles, colors, and materials, awaiting customization. This enables us to provide quick turnarounds and accommodate low volumes while maintaining our signature quality.


We offer a diverse selection of over 20 base notebooks, ranging from vegan leather to real leather, clothbounds, and cahiers. Each notebook are available ina variety of color options, and offer unique benefits, such as low minimum order quantities (MOQs), affordability, premium quality, or eco-friendliness. In addition to our own range, we also offer renowned brands such as Leuchtturm1917, Moleskine, and Castelli, providing you with a wide array of choices. This service is ideal for orders under 150 units or when time is of the essence. Additionally, we offer the option of printed inserts, allowing you to further customize your notebooks.

2. Fully Customised Notebooks

For those who require advanced customizations or high volumes, our fully bespoke notebook service is the perfect choice. This service allows you to design every aspect of your notebook, ensuring it meets all your specific needs and preferences.


Tailored To Your Needs

Create your ideal notebook by selecting every feature, from materials and binding to colors and add-ons. This service allows you to design a notebook that meets all your specific needs and preferences.

Cost-Effective for High Quantities

Ordering in bulk? Our prices become more budget-friendly, especially for quantities exceeding 500 units. This makes it a cost-effective option for larger orders.

Fully Printed Pages

Want your pages to pop with color? Opt for single-color, two-color, or full-color printing, exclusively available through our bespoke service. Use our handy calculator to explore standard options and obtain quotes for different quantities.

Endless Customization

Looking for something truly unique? We’ve got you covered. From exotic materials like apple leathers to unconventional features like translucent pages or fully printed paper edges, the sky’s the limit.

3. Sampling

Before committing to a full order, you may want to see samples of our work. This allows you to evaluate the quality and make informed decisions about customizations. We offer three types of samples to cater to your needs: Stock Product Samples, Previous Project Samples, and Fully Finished Samples.


Stock Product Samples

We can send samples of our stock notebooks when available. These samples allow you to see the quality and feel of our ready-to-brand products. If we have the stock available, these samples are free of charge. This is a great option if you need to quickly assess the standard materials and finishes we offer.

Previous Project Samples

Our sample room houses thousands of examples from previous jobs. We can often send you samples that match some or all of the customizations you require, including cover material, cover color, binding, and specific customization options like debossing or foiling. These samples help you see real-world applications of our customization capabilities. Generally, these samples are free of charge, but occasionally, we may request that they be returned after review.

Fully Finished Samples

If you want a sample of your specific notebook design, we offer fully finished samples at a cost of £250/$250. This fee covers machine setup and tooling costs. The printing for these samples will typically be digital unless otherwise stated or required. For full production orders, we use offset printing to ensure the highest quality. This option is ideal for those who want to see an exact replica of their customized notebook before proceeding with a large order.